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A clever, clean approach to energy

Renewable power and gas with zero carbon emissions. Bespoke tariffs, insightful monitoring and data – and ultimately lower costs.

The best possible energy deal for your business. Low tariffs and full analytics on any device, anywhere

Technology is what makes us different. Our unique platform means we can create tailor-made, tariffs to match your business needs, perfectly.

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Tailored tariffs

We’ll create the right energy deal to meet your business requirements – even if you have multiple sites, high consumption or variable usage.

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Single Portal

Manage all your Pozitive Planet products from a single dashboard.

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Easy management

Clear, concise yet comprehensive energy data at your fingertips.

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Company Value

Competitive costs… plus, the more you buy through Pozitive Planet, the more you save.


We’re here to help you find the best energy deal – for your business, your bottom line… and the planet

You can choose to buy competitively priced, carbon-neutral gas and green energy that works for you and won’t cost the earth.

Even better, you can expect bespoke solutions built around your business in this ever-changing environment.

We support the smart export guarantee programme and help customers earn revenue from their self-generation.

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Pozitive Planet is here for YOUR business regardless of its size or number of sites offering tailored energy solutions to suit your needs.

While every business is different, many of the challenges are the same: monitoring energy consumption, searching for efficiencies and understanding the billing can be complex and time consuming.

Cut through all the confusion with us. Tailored, competitive, clear energy and clear information at your fingertips… so you can focus on what really matters.

We’re here to help you get the best out of your business.

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